Thursday, December 18, 2008

Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays: Christmas Books

Yes, I know this is once again late! I'm very sorry. I just never seem to have any time on Saturdays :)

Welcome to Faith 'n Fiction Saturday where we get together and talk about our love for Christian fiction. To participate, simply write your answer on your blog, find the permalink of your post and then go enter the permalink into the Mr. Linky at My Friend Amy. Please also link back to Amy's post.

Today's question:
It's Christmas time and one of my favorite things to do is read Christmas themed books. Do you enjoy reading holiday themed books? Do you have any special book you read every year? Do you have a special devotional you like to use? (not fiction..I know!) Have you read any good Christmas books this year?

My answer:
I love reading holiday themed books! Unfortunately, I can't think of very many Christmas themed books that I have. I have 'A Christmas Carol', which I love! I recently got 'The Nativity Story' as well. I think I'm going to start reading these books annually because they're both really good.

I love 'A Christmas Carol' because it reminds me to give joyfully instead of hoarding my money.
I love 'The Nativity Story' because it brings an extra bit of life to the real Nativity Story. I watched the movie of this first, and then read the book. I think that reading helped me understand the movie better. The movie seemed a little disjointed in places, and the book helped explain that much better.

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