Friday, June 18, 2010

Heading Home by Renee Riva & My Review

When A.J. returns home to Indian Island, her dog Sailor, and childhood friend Danny, she surprises everyone with her plans . . . but Danny has something else in mind. For eight years, A.J. Degulio has been itching to get back to her beloved Indian Island. It's home. But a lot has changed: Sailor moves slower, Danny has grown into a man . . . and A.J. has a promise to keep...but it doesn't include Danny. When Danny discovers the truth, he's shocked and hurt. But he won't stand in the way of what she really wants. What's a girl to do? She wants to keep her promise and Danny. But Danny has plans of his own. Can they work it out? It will take compromise and laughter before Danny and A.J. figure out that home is more than a place on the map. It's a place in the heart.

***This review copy was provided by Karen Davis | The B&B Media Group***

Renée Riva has been writing humorous stories ever since she won her first writing contest in second grade. A former greeting-card verse writer and popular speaker, Renée is the author of Saving Sailor, Taking Tuscany, and two children’s books. She and her husband reside in Washington State with their three daughters and a menagerie of pets, the latest addition; a baby turtle, offered in trade for one of her novels.

My Review:
I loved this book!
I was expecting it to be all about their journey to being in a relationship, and all the struggles that they went through, but how it actually unfolded caught me by surprise. The twists and turns were great to get surprised by, and I loved the differences and quirks of each person. This isn't a predictable book, and I love it because of that.
I didn't realize that this is a series, and now I really want to get the two books before this!

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