Thursday, November 27, 2008

7 Things About Me

I stole this off of Camy over at Camy's Loft

1. I'm a really, really fast reader when it comes to fiction

2. I'm not very fast when it comes to non-fiction. I find that I tend to forget what I've read in non-fiction books if I'm not taking notes and mulling over it.

3. I think that I have over 300 books (I haven't counted for a really long time)

4. I used to count my books during school. I was homeschooled, and my desk was where my books were (and still are) kept.

5. I started writing down the titles and authors of all my books during school. I didn't get very far. I'll have to continue sometime when I'm not supposed to be doing anything else.

6. While I might normally be a messy person, my books are very nicely organized. Or, they were before I ran out of room for them.

7. I am working on writing better reviews, but I love reviewing!

I can't think of 7 people to tag, but if you do this, please comment and link back to your blog :)


kalea_kane said...

Very nice list of bookish things, Jewelz. :) How do your parents feel about you having so many books? My mom used to go nuts. :)

Happy Thanksgiving


Camy Tang said...

I'm so jealous you're a fast reader! I wish I was.

My suggestion is for you to list your books in an Excel spreadsheet. That way you can search easily, and if you move your books to boxes, you can number the boxes and list in the spreadsheet where each book is kept. That's what I do, anyway. I have too many books to put on my shelves. (Gah!)